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Sidney Huber

Executive Director and Tecnology Director

As Technology Director for the National Institute for Entrepreneurship and Innovation, Sidney identifies the state-of-the-art business processes, strategies and procedures used in different knowledge domains and organizational/market contexts. Develops business intelligence opportunities for companies, entrepreneurs, and institutions engaged in supporting economic development.  Arquitected this portal for the National Institute for Entrepreneuship and Innovation and managed the project that created it.

Director and Founder of Mercantile Network Brasil, a company dedicated to using media remnant space to implement crossmedia, helping ad agencies and brands and media operators to create tangible new value that is transferable toward the prompt optimization of their own businesses.

Consultant, researcher, and entrepreneur in the area of business process planning.

Worked in the US for almost 20 years in various types of domestic and international businesses implementing integrated management (ERP - Enterprise Resource Planning) systems as well as systems to manage customer relationships (CRM - Customer Relationship Management).

Founding partner of Mercantile Network Grocery, whose business proposition is to direct grocery nanopromotion initiatives to both the trade and retail customers of grocery operators, to optimize the salability of marketing services that create truly distinctive value for all parties involved in the grocery transaction.

Principal Investigator in two of four innovation research projects in which he participated, sponsored by the Department of Defense of the United States, Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) program.

Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering, Columbia University, New York.

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